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Workshop and Conference Presentations, Consulting, Web Development

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Workshops/Presentations:  Workshop information is available upon request.  All workshops will be tailored to your needs.  Some examples of past workshop topics are listed below.
Workshops:  Mathematical Topics
All workshops in this category can be customized for subject specific courses such as: Intermediate Level Math, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trig, Math A, Math B, PreCalculus, and/or Calculus (including AP Calculus).  Workshops include the use of graphing calculators, technology, software, and manipulatives.
  • Resources for PreCalculus
  • NY Next Generation Math Changes
  • ReBranding Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
  • Rounding up Common Core-Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
  • Projecting Enthusiasm (all levels)
  • Using Interactive On-line Materials
  • Energizing the New Math Curricula
    Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra2/Trig
  • The New Adventures of the Old Algebra
  • The New Adventures of the Old Geo.
  • The New Adventures of Old Alg2 Trig
  • Math and the Movies: Part 1, Part II
  • Math From the Stars:  Star Trek and Star Wars (multimedia presentation)
  • Strategies for Motivating Skill Development and Applied Learning in Subject Specific Courses
  • Activities that will Energize Subject Specific Courses
  • Utilizing the MathBitsNotebook Web Site
  • Using Geometer's Sketchpad 4.0
  • Strategies for Teaching Advanced Placement Calculus
  • Using Math Manipulatives 5-12
  • Using Spreadsheets in Math
  • Using QUIA in Mathematics
  • Using the Internet to Teach Secondary Mathematics
  • Using a Laptop in Mathematics
  • Teaching Mathematics in Block Scheduling
  • Teacher Training for Applied CORD Mathematics 1, 2, 3
Workshops:  Computer Programming
  • Teaching Computer Programming at the High School Level: 
     Java, Microsoft Visual C++, Turbo C++ for
    DOS, QuickBASIC
  • Useful JavaScript for Educational Web Pages
  • Teaching Web Active High School Computer Science 
  • Programming the Graphing Calculator with TI BASIC
Workshops:  TI Graphing Calculators
All workshops in this category can be customized for subject specific courses.  While all of our  workshops include graphing calculator and technology applications, this listing of workshops is aimed specifically at the use of the graphing calculator and related peripherals and software.
  • All levels of training on the "how to" use of Graphing Calculators (GC):
    TI-82, 83-83+ family, 84+ family, 89 Titanium,
    92+, Voyage 200, Nspire (CAS and non-CAS)
  • Using GC peripherals such as the CBL, CBL2, CBR, and Keyboard
  • Using GC related software such as TI-Connect, TI-Interactive, SmartVIEW, Nspire CAS/non-CAS software
  • Using TI-84+ with CCSS/CCLS
  • GC Activities for CCSS
  • Using GC APPS
  • Integrating the Graphing Calculator into Subject Specific Courses
  • Classroom Activities for Using the Graphing Calculator
  • Preparing Classroom Materials Using the GC, Related Software and Peripherals.
  • Classroom Activities for Using the CBL and CBR in Subject Specific Courses.
  • Building and Using a GC Robot
  • Integrating TI-Interactive Software into the Classroom
  • Integrating APPS for the GC in Subject Specific Classes
  • Applied Learning with the GC
  • Using the CBL, CBR, and GC Robot in PreCalclus and Calculus
  • The Graphing Calculator as a Team Player - integrating GC, PowerPoint and Video Clips
  • Programming the Calculator
Workshops:  Educational Technology
  • Using the Internet to Teach Math
  • Using QUIA in Mathematics
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint Software
  • Integrating PowerPoint in Mathematics
  • Using Microsoft Front Page Software
  • Using Adobe Dreamweaver Software
  • Developing Educational Web Pages  
  • Using Geometer's Sketchpad 4.+
  • Using a Laptop in Mathematics

Teachers Teaching with Technology
We work with Texas Instruments' T3 - Teachers Teaching with Technology professional development program offering conferences and workshops on the use of Texas Instruments' calculators, peripherals, and computer software in all levels of mathematics education.

Consulting:  Consulting information is available upon request.  Some examples of past consulting projects are listed below.   Web Development: Web Development information is available upon request.  References to some past web development work is listed below.
Consulting Projects
  • Review Book Development, Mathematics, Glencoe McGraw-Hill
  • Curricula Development, New York State Education Department, "Secondary Mathematics:  Key Idea Module Development"
  • Curricular Revision: Secondary (7-12) Mathematics, Southwestern Publishing Company
  • Interactive Curricula and Tutorial Development, New York State Regents Exam Prep Center
  • Curricular Design Evaluation - Secondary Mathematics, Onondaga Community College, New York
  • Curricula Evaluations, NASA Mathematics Curricular Standards Quilt
  • National Science Foundation Graphing Calculator Grant  - State University College at Oswego, New York
  • New York State Education Department Technology Grant Program, Recipient Selection Process
  • NASA Space Mathematics Grant - State University College at Oswego, NYNASA Research Study for Mathematical Materials and Technology
Web Development Projects - Frederick and Donna Roberts
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