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The Absolute Value Function


Where are they hiding absolute value on this calculator?

There are two ways to find the absolute value function on the calculator. 

The absolute value function will look like  abs( .

Method 1:
You can find the absolute value function by accessing the Math key.  Arrow to the right to find the NUM menu.
On this screen you will find:
             #1  abs( 
the absolute value function.

Classic Mode:ab1

MathPrint Mode: abs1

Method 2: 
You can also find the absolute value function in the CATALOG (2nd 0).  The Catalog is an alphabetical listing of functions, and since the absolute value function starts with the letter "a", you can find the function at the beginning of the Catalog.

Classic Mode:

MathPrint Mode: abs2

In Algebra 1, finding the absolute value of a number can be easily done without the use of a calculator.  If you want, however, to check your work, you may want to use the calculator.  Also, becoming familiar with the workings of your calculator will prove valuable in upcoming courses.

Example: Find |-15|,   |-2-(-6)|,   |10 + 3 - 2|
Classic Mode:a21 MathPrint Mode: abs3


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