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Solving Exponential Equations
While exponential equations can be solved on the graphing calculator, you will, in most cases, have to adjust your window to see the graphs.

1.  1

Enter the right hand side of the equation on the home screen to perform the calculation.  Notice the use of parentheses.

Answer:  y = .2  or  1/5


2.   3
Enter the left side into Y1 and the right side into Y2.   Keep in mind that 1/27 is a very small value.  Adjust your window accordingly.  If necessary, start with the standard 10 x 10 window and adjust until you see the graph clearly.  Then use your intersect option.
2nd CALC (above TRACE), #5 intersect
Answer: x = -3

4 4.5

3.   5

Proceed as in #2.  A standard 10 x 10 window was used here.

Answer:  x = 3.3219281


4.   7

Proceed as in #2.  Be sure to adjust the window to allow for a y-value of 27.  Also notice the need to move to the right to find the intersection.  Increase the XMax value.

Answer:  x = 81

8  8.5

5.    Solve this system:

Proceed as in #2.  Use the intersect option.  A standard 10 x 10 window was used here.

Answer:  x = -1,  y = 0.25


6.  Solve for x, to the nearest thousandth:

Proceed as in #2.  Adjust the window as to see the point of intersection of the two functions.

Answer:  x = 16.366

12  12.5

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