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Identify your calculator
Be sure that you know how to identify your calculator
(or a calculator that you have been assigned).

The TI-83+/84+ Plus family of calculators have hard-wired
Identification Numbers.

Go to (2nd) Mem and choose 1: About.  The number listed after ID: will be the calculators unique Identification Number.  Be careful when reading the 8's and the B's.  The 8's are blocky and the B's are more rounded on the right hand side, as you can see in the Identification number listed below:
(ID: 0A33F-17FBA-F686).
255pic1 255Pic2

point hand
Be sure to record this Identification Number
in a secure location.
If your calculator is lost or stolen, you will most likely be asked to identify
the calculator by this number.

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