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Additional Tidbits of Information

Naming a List:
You may create your own names for lists. 
Highlight L1.  Choose INS (2nd DEL).  Enter the name up to 5 letters.  Press ENTER.   L1 will not be lost, a new list will be created.  To transfer the data from L1 to the new list, highlight DAYS, enter L1, press ENTER.

To delete this new list highlight DAYS and press DEL.  This will remove the column listing but not the list from memory.  To delete the list from memory, choose 2nd MEM, #2 Mem Mgmt/Del, #4 List, arrow down to DAYS, and press DEL.

If L1 - L6 disappear from your listings:
If any of your lists, L1 through L6, should disappear from your columns, choose STAT, #5 SetUpEditor.  This will restore all lists L1 through L6.  It will not remove data in residence.


To Automatically Fill a List:
(when the entries are the result of the evaluation of an expression)

Highlight L1. Choose LIST (2nd STAT).  Choose OPS from the top.  Choose #5 seq( .  Type (x, x, 0, 10, 1) to automatically generate numbers from 0 to 10. The parameters are (expression, variable, begin, end, increment).


Other Valuable Options from the OPS menu:
#4 Fill( - replaces each value in a list with a constant value - Fill (8,L3) will fill L3 with 8s.  If L3 is empty you will need to dimension the list first so that the calculator knows how many constants to create.
                       5→dim(L3) tells the calculator that L3 will contain 5 values.

#6 cumSum( - returns cumulative sums of the elements in the list, starting with the first element - If L1 contains {1,2,3,4,5}, then cumSum(L1) will return {1,3,6,10,15}
To Add the Entire List:
From the home screen, choose LIST (2nd STAT).  Choose MATH at the top. Option #5, sum(, will add all of the elements in the list.               
                                                sum(L1) will add all of the elements in L1.

To Create a Dynamic List: (a list in L2, based upon L1, that will change automatically when L1 is updated.)
     Create L1 to contain the prices {12.95, 34.50, 50, 15.75, 67, 24.95}.
     Create L2 to contain the 8% sales tax on each of these prices.
a4 a5 a6

Using the quotes (ALPHA +) when entering the formula for L2 will create a dynamic situation where L2 will automatically update when L1 changes.  Notice the marker placed at the top of L2 designating that this list is dynamically created.

Now, if 12.95 in L1 is changed to 19.95, the sales tax in L2 is automatically updated.


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