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to the TI-89 Titanium and the TI Voyage 200

Things to do before you start:
Adjust the Screen contrast:
  To make the screen darker, continue to press and release the GREEN DIAMOND key while holding down the + key.
   To make the screen lighter, follow this same process using the - key.
Find the HOME screen:
TI-89 - there is a HOME key
           [or 2nd QUIT (above ESC key)]
  Voyage - Green Diamond Q

Set the Clock: (if  you wish)
    F1, #B Clock and set the required information.
Record your ID number:
  From the HOME Screen, press                F1, #A About.
   Record your ID number for identification if calculator is lost.
Press ESC to leave this menu.


Things to know about the MODE Key - these are the DEFAULT settings

To reset the Defaults:
2nd Mem, F1, #1RAM, #2 DEFAULTS, ENTER

(The opening APPS desktop will reappear when Defaults are run.)

To turn desktop APPS off:
Mode F3 Apps Desktop.
Be sure to arrow right
and select OFF

APPS Key:  Many of the functions from the APPS key selection menu are also accessible from the calculator face.  For example:
TI-89:  see green commands above
           the F1 F5 keys under the
           viewing screen.
Voyage: look above the QWERTY

Desktop APPS showing.

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