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March 2019, Volume 13, Issue 3

Spring must be coming!


• AlgebraBits, GeometryBits, Algebra2Bits:
On-line Quizzes .............
Yes, we are STILL working on the quizzes.
The first blast for A1 is up and running.
The first blast for Geo is up and running.
The A2 blast is being proof-read and will hopefully appear shortly.

We are developing the quizzes is small "blasts" of 3-5 quizzes each, so all three high school areas can be involved at the same time ("blasts" to A1, followed by Geo, followed by A2. Repeat.).

The results of the on-line quizzes can be emailed to a teacher or a dated hardcopy can be prepared. The quizzes are compatible with desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

Please stay tuned. We think you will really like the quizzes.

• JrMathBits:

On-line Quizzes:
• "Patterns Quiz" and "Functions Quiz" are now done!!!
This will complete your series of 31 on-line quizzes. Even more quizzes are likely in the future as curricular adjustments occur.

• As you probabily noticed, we have also started upgrading your previous on-line quizzes to our newer software. There will be some minor differences in getting hardcopies, and the mobile versions will be nicer.

Caching Games:
• By request, we have expanded our "caching game" under the Equations & Inequalities section. Instead of one caching game in this section, there are now FIVE games.
- the original game
- a game specifically for Grade 6
- a game specifically for Grade 7
- a game specifically for Grade 8
These games match standards for Common Core/Next Generation standards.
- a game for Equations Only


YES, we are working on PreCalculusBits!
We are attempting to develop the Subscription and Notebook sections at the same time. Unfortunately, the Notebook web pages take much longer to develop, so if we get too bogged down, we will finish the Subscription area first. Right now, we are not yet opening the Notebook sections that are completed, but that may change in the future.

We are attempting to include a wide range of materials which will cover CCSS, NY-NextGen, CLEP, materials from our high school and college PreCalculus courses, and hopefully most of the topics you have been requesting.

At the speed things are progressing, it may be too optimistic to predict an opening for next fall, but we are hoping to meet that deadline if at all possible.

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna

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