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January 2022, Volume 16, Issue 1

Welcoming in a New Year!

Hope this message finds you and your students happy and eager to face the new year. Let's find the good things to focus on and be vigilant in our quest to stay healthy!

ATTENTION Subscribers: New Student Passwords for on-line activities have been posted. Look at the opening page under Interactive Materials on your opening page for the new passwords. Our apologizes for being 6 days late on the updates. Time is flying faster than we realized.

TI-84+ Family Section: One last reminder that the web pages under our TI-84+ section have been updated to contain the extensions of .html instead of .htm. This will affect any linkings you may have posted.

NY State Standards: Behind the scenes work is still going on with the standard designations, but the markings are not yet posted. Additional resources are being developed to fill out the new areas.

PreCalculus: Must admit that getting back to work on the PreCalculus is enjoyable. Our exuberance regarding the inclusion of more topics has not yet dwindled (but it needs to). The curricula for PreCalculus varies in intensity from school to school, from teacher to teacher, and from institution to institution. We will have to eventually curb our attempts to address ALL of these various listings, but we are still having a hard time knowing where to stop. Smile!

New Ideas: We are still looking longingly at the stacks of new ideas (that just keeps growing) that we want to see incorporated into MathBitsNotebook and our subscription areas. Maybe the long winter days ahead will afford us the time to dive into these stacks. One can hope!

Stay healthy!!!

Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna



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